Purple Shirts, Smoothing Men dating Women

MANY women refused to go out with him, just because their clothing did not match expectations. But who would have thought, just a woman’s heart melt when the man in front of him wearing a purple dress. A date was not missed.
According to one study, approximately 28 percent of the 2,000 female respondents said they refused to go out with him because they do not like the man’s clothes, as reported Dailymail.

A survey conducted by the detergent brand Ariel found that only 14 percent of the male respondents were very picky. While women tend to be more selective in the clothing worn his date. In fact, 60 percent of whom said the clothing is an important factor when dating. In addition, his favorite haircut followed by a man who won 17 percent of the position and style of shoes with the acquisition of 9 percent.

However, approximately 36 percent of women prefer men wearing a purple shirt and happily accepted the man to be invited to a date. Meanwhile, the man who likes to wear the classic white shirt only got 13 ​​percent of the vote and they were wearing a blue shirt, or pink only 11 per cent and 6 per cent in favor.

Many women also feel the need to improve the state of their partner’s wardrobe. Because 25 percent of women say they want their partner to look nice with fashion style accordingly. One in 20 women admit they dictate the style of dress as their partner would leave the house.

One in three women claimed to have no qualms in demanding partner to look at their own time to walk out together. However, one-fifth of men also admitted doing the same thing. So that was reported by the Times of India.