Preparing the Milk Bottle

Because of an thing, mother which not can provide milk directly on the small with a forced must be replacing breast milk with small milk. Or enter the breast milk that has been squeezed into a bottle of milk. What which must be observed when give milk bottle on the little guy?

Remove the bottle from the refrigerator and turn the dot towards the top. Thaw milk by soaking it in hot water.
Do not use a microwave oven for this purpose, because the milk can be too hot even though the bottle is still cold outside.
Check the flow of milk which exit: must 2-3 drops of per seconds. Hole dot which are too small will be complicate baby suck, while if too big can cause the baby choking.
If the dot is not good, replace the dot other sterile and check the flow of milk first.
Examine temperature / water temperature milk with shed a some drops of milk on wrist you – milk have to feels warm lukewarm.
Just turn the ring bottle such a way as order for the air can be enter into inside bottle, in order that facilitate baby is you sucking milk with smoothly.