Post-Flood Clean House Tricks

Is your home including the flooded? Of course, after the flood subsides, you have to give more time to clean the house. Cleaning the house after the flood can not be underestimated. The longer you let the damage, the greater the loss. With the right ways and tricks in cleaning the house, you can minimize losses due to flooding while maintaining the health of the entire family.

1. Turn off the power
Do not forget to turn off power in the area you want cleaned. Electricity is still burning could endanger you if it turns out there was water.

2. Categorize the areas that need improvement
Before starting your work, you should first categorize the items in your home.

– Furniture: note how the sofa and bed. Is entirely submerged and wet? If so, you should not have to think long to throw. Although it had been dried in the sun and dry, mold and germs that stick does not automatically disappear.

– Carpets: if your carpet is exposed to the fungus, discard immediately. The fungus can harm the health of family members.

– Wood material: make sure you fix the rest of the house is made from wood. Moreover, if the parts are obsolete due to flooding. For example, a window or door. Woody material damp mildew prone overgrown.

– Drawer & Cabinet
If water has entered into a drawer or cabinet, you may also have to throw it away. But if the water coming only a little, you can still save him. You can hollow out a drawer or closet and let the water flow out of the hole. Do not worry, this hole will be easy to shut down when you do the reconstruction or re decorate home.

For the closet, such as clothes and eating utensils, wash immediately with disinfectant soap. As for the book, if it has not been damaged, immediately drying or aerated. But when it’s not clear shape, you should let it only to be discarded.

– Floor
Do not underestimate the floor. Although it has been cleaned, the floor does not mean you really have not germ . Do this several times wash the floor with liquid disinfectant. Use mops that are easy to absorb water so as to facilitate your work.

Note also that the floor has been hit by floods. Some parts can be damaged so it is likely in the future, the water can seep away. Should fix the floor area.

– Wall
Clean up promptly wall of mud that sticks with brush and disinfectant. If some part of the wall is damaged, such as peeling paint, you can do the repainting.

3. Contact an expert
If indeed there are parts of the house that need to be repaired after the flood, you should contact an expert, such as a builder. They can determine if indeed damaged parts should be replaced or can be slightly remodeled.

4. Contact the insurance company
If by chance your home insured, contact your insurance officers immediately after the flood to come into the house. Do not move any items used in the home before officers arrived. If you have to move quickly valuables, make sure you take a picture or record a video. The insurance company will send an expert to move your stuff and clean it from the mold.