Paraben Free Face Care – Keeping You Safe and Beautiful

Are you using paraben free face care? It may be time to reconsider some personal care items you are using right now especially if they contain the family group of parabens. Research conducted in recent years indicates a concern for increased health risks when this type of chemical is still in frequent use by a large number of cosmetic companies today.

My take on this subject matter is that if our billion-dollar industry shows no regard towards our health and well being then perhaps it’s time to make the switch to those that do and are willing to provide us with paraben free lotions and creams.

Do you ever take the time to read a product’s label before you buy?

Most of us lead busy lives with no time to even read books or the newspaper, let alone read a product’s label. Often busy and in a frenzy, our tendency is to grab just about anything in sight and once home if we’re not too tired, slap on the so-called fountain of youth lotion we just purchased with no regard for the contents sold. Perhaps we should re-think the contents contained the next time around? Here’s why.

Parabens come in many forms and carry different terminology however they still fall under the family group of parabens. Those that are frequently used by many top brand names bear similar paraben terminology such as ethylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben and propylparaben.

Studies reveal that they are used to prevent bacteria growth in several water-based cosmetic lines. Unfortunately they are absorbed through the skin and may find their way into the blood and digestive systems. Furthermore, suspicious links have been made to cancer, hormonal malfunction, allergies and irritations to the skin.

Even though parabens pose a health concern based on the given results of urine specimens collected and biopsies performed on breast tumors, many leading cosmetic companies continue to include this ingredient in personal care items such as shampoos and conditioners, shower body cleansers as well as facial cleansers and lotions. And even though the percentage used in such products is kept quite low, when you factor in the sum of all personal toiletries we may use on any given day, it’s enough to make all of us cringe and worry about our personal health and well being.

I don’t know about you but these findings have influenced my own personal decisions and have prompted me to favour instead paraben free face care that includes only paraben free lotions and creams. This way I continue to enjoy my own personal health and well-being. And how about you? Do you think it’s time to make a switch for your own sake too especially when there’s so many other things to worry about?