Optimal Growth for Small Age 8 Months

Your baby is getting big now. Expert when he began leaning to the side with one hand, so that his body does not fall. Only with the help of a finger, he can also lift her to sit for a while. But he still relies on his side or two so as not to tumble.

In this month, most babies begin to stand up though still timid. Therefore the child often shout if you want to sit back. Well, if this happens to your baby, immediately approached him and teach him to bend his knees and with the help of hand can sit back without slamming his body.

Currently the child likes to experiment with an item, examine it, slammed and tossed. Sometimes they like to put it in the mouth. He also studied two related objects such as cups and lids or bottle and lid. Teach and give him the spirit to open and close properly.

Your baby’s also getting attention on what you are doing. Try to write or draw, even household chores everyday in front of him to get his attention.


Ability in the eighth month of her emotions more real. So if you accidentally upset in front of him, although not addressed to him, maybe he would cry. Or he participated sad and cry when they hear other babies cry.
Give her a mirror and look at himself he greeted with a smile or a funny expression.

He teaches physical coordination training example by learning to give kiss bye. If it works do not forget to give him a gift of a smile and applause.

No need to worry when:

Seeing the development of meaningless, because very few new skills that are characteristic of this month. But behold, attention and ability to focus on something is always increasing. Invite he saw leaves blowing in the wind or moving clockwise. He also likes to whisper softly chattering .
This month is in transition where he solidified capabilities gained from months ago. For example, motion-bouncing smokestack that is committed and ability to hold an increasingly strong.