Math Multiplication, Game Education Android

Not all games have a negative impact for children. Examples like games that have educational content, or better known as educational games. Game type education aims to provoke interest in the subject matter of children to learn while playing, so with a sense of excitement is expected that children can more easily understand the subject matter presented. One of them you can see the math multiplication table, which can be played on Android.

This game has the look of a clean and simple interface for users, and certainly suitable for children. In addition, the game also does not require a lot of time for children to get used to the game, because the concept is very easy to understand. Navigation view of the game is also very easy to use for children.

This game is presented like a game “Tetris”, the game falls beams arranged below. However, the difference lies in the multiplication questions stored in it, and must be answered by the children. If the answer is yes, then the beam will disappear, but if wrong, the beam will be constantly falling down.

Thus, if the beam is composed of more and higher, then the game would be over. So, the next time, children should give the right answer. If lucky, you can also get a bonus in the form of a bomb that can destroy blocks that composed it.

The game features multiple difficulty levels, which of course can be played if the game had been completed earlier, more easily. Each level is higher, it will be increasingly difficult questions that make children have mental rhythm playing.

There are also some questions that are repeated at every level to help children memorize the multiplication, or improve a previous wrong answer. This game also has a ranking system. So, every game that you play the child will be given gifts of gold, silver, and bronze.

By using the method of learning fun, this game is very suitable to be played by children. If interested, you can directly download it for free in the Android Store.

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