JK Rowling Build High Club Read

Author JK Rowling on Tuesday (Wednesday GMT) launch a virtual book club for young readers, and promised to appear on live video in October of Edinburgh, Scotland, to dialogue with fans about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Publishers United States (U.S.) for Rowling, Scholastic, who built the club’s website read Harry Potter, said that the club is for fans of British witch, and a tool for parents or teachers who want to create a book club, to introduce the pleasure of reading in children.

“Scholastic has been in talks with educators, librarians and other book lovers about the idea of introducing Harry Potter books to new readers in a way that is interesting and different,” said Ellie Berger, President of Scholastic Trade, in a statement at the launch of the club .

He replied, “Reading Harry Potter Club is a direct answer to that input and provide clues about the features of this book that can be shared with a new generation of Harry Potter fans, whether inside or outside the classroom.”

The live broadcast of his dialogue with Rowling will appear at the club on October 11 noon local time at www.scholastic.com / hpreadingclub.

Scholastic, which describes it as a live “virtual visit of the author to the classroom”, saying that it would be the first opportunity Rowling since 2007 to interact with young readers and discuss Pottermore, www.pottermore.com, which was launched in April 2012 to help fans realize his dream adventure in the magical world.

Harry Potter book club will contain guidance on all matters relating to the little witch, an overview of the entire book are expected to sell about 450 million copies worldwide, and poured in eight blockbuster, and do not miss the information about Rowling.

Scholastic said, would increase the activity in these pages each month.