Itchy-Itchy Vagina? Stop Wear Perfume Tissue

SOME of the women must have experienced itching Miss V. Of course it can be very uncomfortable.

Actually, many factors that cause vaginal itch. But do not worry, the article there are some natural ways to overcome them. Here’s a tip interestingly, as quoted Boldsky.


Be aware that keeping Miss V to keep them clean is very important. So diligent to clean. Not having to wear strong scented soap or bubble bath. Because it just did itch. In addition, the board also one nest of bacteria that cause vaginal itching. So, diligent to shave or do waxing. For underwear should also be considered. Wear the cotton and replace it at least twice a day to avoid infection.


Avoid using wipes that contain fragrances. Therefore, there is a chemical that makes the vaginal itching.

calendula flower

To relieve the itching of the vagina, you can use calendula flowers. Boil the flowers with water and let it cool afterwards. Use to wash Miss V. Besides boiling water, you can also dry the flowers are more similar to sunflower and make it into a powder. Apply to Miss V, but be sure not to get into.


Make no mistake, dehydration is also one of the causes itching Miss V. Therefore, drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration of the body.


To relieve the itching of the vagina, you can eat yogurt. Therefore, yogurt is believed to have antibacterial properties that can relieve itching.