HTC Desire V (GSM / GSM)

Many people love the idea of ​​merging 2 cards (or more) in one phone, what we call the “Dual / Triple / Quad ON”, but not the brand or the “class” of existing mobile phone. Yes, we know that most mobile phones with the option of more than one card is dominated by local brands, or lower middle class. Apparently, HTC sees opportunities by launching the HTC Desire V and VC that carries two cards GSM / GSM (Desire V) and CDMA / GSM (Desire VC). The two different serial devices that are virtually identical in terms of design and specifications in general.

Desire V has a 4-inch TFT WVGA resolution (480 × 800), with a single-core 1GHz processor, and has adopted the ICS Android 4.0. The interface is powered by HTC Sense version 4.0.3 so you will have a modern look typical HTC. For networking, the first SIM can be used to surf the Internet at speeds up to HSDPA, while the second SIM only a GPRS only. While the VC, you can simply surf with its CDMA cards are going to be bundled with the card smartfren.

As usual, I searched his Desire V design beforehand by looking at the position of the USB port, the physical buttons and camera. When the device is turned on, you can also hear a short tone that is different from usual.

After that, I went into the settings to check some information including available memory, access the menu, see the response of the screen and personalization options provided by HTC. Then I connected the device to a WiFi internet connection at the same time trying to feel the virtual keyboard.