How to Maintain Relationships

Some say that keeping something is more difficult than to achieve it. It seems the saying is true is included in long-distance relationships. Never mind the long distance, cheek by jowl was hard enough let alone keep an invisible eye.

However, it is not unlikely that a long distance relationship continues to the wedding. Here are ways to mepertahankan hubunga you even distances apart.

• Keep in touch
In lieu of your presence at your spouse, frequently-often communicate with him. Currently the technology is evolving so fast, the distance bukannlah a problem for both of you.

To make your relationship seem more romantic, you can keep in touch through letters. Although a bit old-fashioned but it still means “something” and could be memorable for the both of your parents. If you want fast so get in touch via sms or email. If you miss her voice, the phone is a powerful way to your yearning mebunuh

• Be Honest
Communication is important but the transparency is very important in relation invisible. Tell him about your kegiata-activity lately, anyone else you encounter and others.

This will make you both comfortable in this relationship’s also still feel close to each other. However, this disclosure must be made in both directions, not just one partner only

• Make it a surprise
In a long distance relationship, it is often the feeling of love wilt seldom meet. It would be better if you occasionally give him a surprise by suddenly standing in front of his house.
Surprise you do will resurrect your love and make you to be special for your girlfriend because it was willing to come all the way to menemuniya, really romantic!

• Send the Gift
Show to him that even if you are separated but you are still making As with someone special in your heart by sending gifts on his birthday
Gift you send will be a substitute for your presence at his side. Your partner will also feel how important he is in your heart.