How to Choose an Advanced Manuka Honey Facial Cream That Works

Have you ever heard of “manuka honey facial cream”? That is a product that many women would like to try because a cream made with this unique honey offers a great deal more than just soft skin; it offers skin repair and healing.

Where Does It Come From?

Manuka honey comes from New Zealand. This honey is collected by bees that take nectar from the manuka bush, which naturally contains antibacterial properties. These bushes grow wild and exhibit different levels of antibacterial properties, but manuka honey facial cream made with this specific type of honey is assessed upon a particular scale, the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF). The higher the score, the more effective the honey is against specific bacteria.

How Does It Work?

Manuka honey contains not just the typical benefits of other honeys which all provide hydrogen peroxide activity; it has additional non-peroxide compounds to help heal skin, specifically methylglyoxal (MGO). For MGO to be effective against bacteria, it must be found at a level of 100mg/kg, and manuka honey has, on average, 100 times greater concentrations of MGO than typical honey.

The rest of the chemistry is rather complicated, but just like any other antibacterial compound, manuka honey facial cream helps to control outbreaks of acne and other facial rashes – it just does it naturally.

Benefits of Manuka Honey in Skin Care Products

As you would imagine, including facial creams with this honey in your daily skin care regime can help the skin stay healthy, improve your overall skin condition, and reduce the incidence of acne. Over time, with regular use, you can expect to see consistently fewer blemishes.

In fact, manuka honey is so effective you can use it on small cuts and nicks to assist in healing. Other people use it in dilution for all sorts of things: rinsing sinuses, treating eye infections, and even in controlling MRSA, a particularly resistant strain of bacteria seen more commonly in hospital settings. If it can do all that, can you imagine what manuka honey facial cream can do for your skin?

What to Look For

One of the real concerns when purchasing products containing this type of honey, such as facial cream, is the level of concentration which one finds in the product. As stated above, manuka is rated upon a UMF system so any product with a UMF under 10 is considered ineffective. On the flip side, you don’t want a product with too high a number because it can be too rough on your skin.

Search for facial creams that lack any dangerous parabens, contain a UMF of about 16, and contain only natural ingredients. People are always so concerned about purchasing a new product, which is understandable, but the research that supports the benefits of this honey is overwhelmingly positive.

You won’t have any problems finding cosmetics containing small amounts of this honey. Facial creams and other products jump on the bandwagon of any beneficial ingredient by incorporating it in the smallest quantity possible, but without any intent of making sure they include a viable dose.

If you want high quality, natural products that offer the benefits of manuka honey, check out companies online. You will find excellent manuka honey facial cream options that will suit your face care needs, and save a bundle too.

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