How Lightning Get Beautiful Eyelashes

HAVE A thick eyelashes and beautiful is definitely a dream of every woman. Moreover, there are many ways to make it happen.

Want to have a slender and long eyelashes naturally? Here’s tip, as quoted Boldsky.

castor oil

This is one of the natural ways to thicken eyelashes. Apply castor oil regularly before going to bed. Do it for two months and see growth.

Vitamin E Oil

To thicken the eyelashes, you can use oil vitamin E. Use a soft brush eyelashes and dip it into the oil. Vitamin E is also effective to reduce irritation and itching of the eye lashes.

Brush lashes

Brushing your lashes regularly may also make them thicker. However, make sure to use clean brush. You can also use a brush found on the mascara. Do it twice a day.

Cleaning eyelashes

One way to make eyelashes thicker is cleaned every night. Use cotton which had previously been spread with removal lotions or plain face cream. Make sure not to pull when cleaning the eyelashes. Do it gently.

Consumption of protein foods

Make sure you eat protein foods to help luscious eyelashes. Instead, the consumption of foods such as fish, meat, cereals and beans, as well as useful supplements.