Hopelessly Love Triangle

In relationships, so many complexities that could become an issue for the relationship itself one of them in the third person, or better known as the love triangle.

No one wants to get caught up in this complicated relationship, but if this is already the case with you, you can do not only look for a solution?! The following are the best ways to do if you are trapped in love triangle.

• Find out why
There are so many tales of a love triangle, in which case you need to find out the cause first. If you are the third person in the relationship, then it would be better if you mengikhlaskan him.

But if your friend is involved in this complicated situation, the three of us discuss this issue to find a solution who’s had to yield

• Find the Best
In this love triangle, each option would bring the victim be a win-win solution rtidak can be expected in these conditions. Therefore if you are in any condition to choose, think carefully which one is really ideal for you

Use the eyes of your heart and do not use kasiahan flavors to choose, why? Because compassion will menajidkan choice is not objective and it will hurt him if one day he would know this.

• Be open to yourself
The beginning of a love triangle is the feeling that you’re not deny mencitai your partner again. Since it began to open your heart to determine the best you should also firmly in your heart about what you should do.

It would be greedy if you menginkan both. You have to choose one another and willingly release

. Reflect on your feelings
You should really be able to distinguish between the interested, like, love or affection. Love triangle may be only part of the interest as you, if it is true, once you decide girlfriend will bring regret later on

• Ask for suggestions on others
Consider advice from another perspective. This will mejadikan your opinion really can cover all aspects of your life and can be more objective.