Home Organizing Tips to Show Your Personality

Houses can describe the personality of its owner. But showing the personal side of the house through the arrangement also requires several steps.

If you want the guests who come to instantly recognize your personality, the way is not difficult. Simply show a part of yourself with the simple details in the room. Still confused how? These tips, as quoted from She Knows.

1. Words, Numbers & Letters
If you want the house show your personal style, then spell the words. Use words and letters as works of art, decoration or accessory in the home. You can use the printed sheets monogrammed with the initial letters of your name. Select also a towel or mug pictorial initial letters of a name with a large font size. You can put it in the dish rack, or as a display cabinet.
It could also make beautiful art with writing the lyrics of your favorite song on the ceramic or paper, framed and display in the living room or bedroom. Like the quote from the artist or idol? Why do not you write on vinyl and paste it on the wall. In this way, the guests who come to the house so instantly know your preferences.

2. Photo
Look for creative ways to display family photos in your home. Collect old photos, from grandparents, parents, your photos and your childhood also photos of your children. Stick it in a large media and arrange the order. Starting from the oldest to the youngest. You can also invite the whole family for a group photo, and a large canvas print that almost fills one wall section.

Should not only pay attention to what you display, but also how you place it. Able to put some small framed picture on the wall. You also can edit them on the computer with certain effects to give more personal touch.

3. Self Caricature
Picture yourself in caricature form can also be a unique way to show your personal. If the hobby of playing tennis, for example, ask a caricature artist to create an image you’re holding a raft of tennis. It could also draw a caricature of the entire family with their favorite. There are many caricature artists you can find. But the cost must also be taken into account. The more complicated and a lot of pictures to be caricatured, usually the price will be more expensive.

4. Typical Aroma
At the hotel, the spa or boutique, have you ever smell the distinctive aroma of the place? Whether it’s fragrant rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang vanilla or made uncomfortable.

Well, you can create distinctive fragrances at home. As good as any home decor, will not feel comfortable if the smell is the smell of stale, rotten because the house is old or unpleasant odors from pets.

The first and most important step, is to always keep the house clean. Then you can choose air freshener customizable. For a more natural scent, you should not use synthetic air freshener in the form of a gel or stick mothballs. Aromatherapy oils will be more convenient inhaled. It could also lit scented candles or flowers and dried herbs in a bowl.