Experiencing Dysfunction As Sex

The problem that is often experienced by men when in the mood to do the marital relationship is the sudden loss of penile erection. This problem is often referred to as impotence.

Common causes are psychological problems such as excessive anxiety, specific disease, depression, or stress. These things are some of the major causes of impotence.

Anxiety As Sex To Health Problems
If the problem you are experiencing is excessive worry or anxiety, then erectile dysfunction disorder is most easily treated.

With treatment methods that are designed to increase self-confidence, you will regain your erection.

Anxiety that often arises is feeling worried whether he could satisfy a partner or not, anxiety when having sex with a new partner, and so forth.

If your problem is stress or depression, then the best thing you should do is talk with your partner to make you a little more relaxed.

Remove the burden you with telling each other all the problems being experienced.
If your problems are health problems like diabetes, then you should immediately get medical treatment.

Erroneous assumption Men
Men tend to think of sex as a game rather than an expression of feelings. So the anxiety that often occurs is a matter of the level of violence, mind whether he can satisfy his partner, duration of intercourse, and others. Switch your focus from things that do not really need to worry about.

The Things That Can Maximize Erection
Erectile basically the circulation of blood to the male sex organ, the intake of good nutrition can help maximize erection.

Foods high in carbohydrates like bread, rice, or pasta can provide energy and help maximize erection. Minerals such as Zinc helps the body to produce testosterone.

Foods that contain lots of fat will actually decrease testosterone levels resulting in lower sexual libido.

Excessive anxiety will deplete and interfere with nervous energy so that the penis can not erect the fullest. For that, try not to think too much about a lot of things when you’re having sex.

One way to resolve the anxiety is to take anti-depressant drugs, lowering anxiety, OCD, or social phobia. However, its use should be a recommendation from a doctor.

Reduce consumption of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. Smoking can lead to poor blood circulation that disrupt blood flow to the penis. While alcohol makes prostate expands and makes the penis feel numb.

How to make erections more leverage is to train your abdominal muscles. Abdominal muscles are very strong resistance erection in men.

Belly is too fat will make the penis look even smaller. Another exercise that is no less important is the Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are not only beneficial for women but also for men. With Kegel exercises, penis erection can be maximal and durable.