Exclaim Adventure Zombie In Zombiewood

Love to play the zombie-themed games, but bored with adventure-that’s it? Do not worry, Because there is a Similar themed game comes with a much different flavor. Do not believe?

Game made ​​by Gameloft this Zombiewood entitled, guaranteed to make you addicted to continue to play. Here, you will act as a stuntman requires him to be a hero Because of the invasion of zombies breaking into Hollywood. After finding out that the destruction of the origin of these undead can be a good movie and Riveting, the director you decide to put you in a variety of films roomates in everything revolves around killing zombies.

Each movie is divided per-scenes with each featuring a goal that must be resolved. Each mission completed, will help you open a new movie that you should play.

In Zombiewood, you will enjoy the way the division level and incorporated into the movie scene. The use of some objective roomates is divided into several scenes is a slick way to encourage replay ability.

In the meantime, you will kill the hordes of zombies under the control of a game that has the basic game of a dual-stick shooter fare. Players will earn money and experience at each level, allowing you to buy and upgrade weapons, armor, and a few other important Things that allow you to complete the mission objective, and open up more films that are still locked.

This game has a solid system uses formulatried-and-true. With the system as much as possible to collect coins to complete your adventure, of course, this game will be more interesting and challenging when played.

You will be Able to Easily collect the coins in this game. Completing the films Allows you to get the ‘royalty’ of free coins in just a few hours. This course will make you easy to buy and to upgrade the standard weapon used.

Overall, the game that you can play on your phone’s Android or iOS, the theme of Hollywood animation very decent to play. You can directly download it for free at the iTunes Store and Android Market.