Educational games for the Grassroots

By the age of two years old child often likes to bring her favorite doll “talk”. You do not have to worry about dealing with this, because all the kids are going through a stage called animism, where children tend to think of inanimate objects as living things. Through this stage the child is actually learning to express himself. The doll loved, scolded, picked up and kissed, etc..

By the age of three years old child enthusiastically pretend play, this is also a natural step. Through pretend play your child the opportunity to develop the imagination.

Educational game

Through play, the child can learn many things. To improve the intelligence necessary to provide some educational games. For that you need to be somewhat selective in giving toys to children. Basically a good toy is a toy that can make your child “explore”.

Of them, replicate means activity toys for adults (complete with doll clothes and his house, doctor tools, handyman tools, household appliances), toys to stimulate the creative arts your child (crayons, finger paints, pencils colored, chalk, watercolor, colored paper), toys for improving your child sensitivity to music (drum, drum, Kimbal, guitar), toys that teach numbers (dice, toy clock, dominoes), constructive toys (beam-beam various sizes of wood or plastic), honed sensitivity to sensory toys (puzzles, peg-board), toys for your child closer to things that smell science (magnifying glass, magnet, prism), toys that stimulate your child as well as physical activity introduction of motion (swing, slide, tricycles, balls, tunnels of drum).