Dismissed Nosebleed

In medical terms, is called epistaxis nosebleeds which means bleeding from the nose. As we know, the nose has many small blood vessels, especially in the area of ​​the lobe. So, if there are factors originators, then burst blood vessels in the nose, and blood came out.

Nosebleeds are common in children because of the mucous membranes and blood vessels they are still sensitive. This condition can occur repeatedly, even more than once a day.

Nosebleeds can occur because children are exposed to the air is very hot or too cold, or a drastic change of the air is very hot to the very cold air. In addition, children whose habits like nose picking holes, can also lead to nosebleeds. Irritation of the nose which possessed small objects can cause infection and bleeding.

Nosebleeds can also occurs due to hereditary factors. If traced-trace, nosebleeds often turns children have a father or mother as a child is also experiencing the same thing. In addition, children with a history of allergies, such as frequent colds or sneezing, are also more likely to have nosebleeds.

If your child suffered a nosebleed, you should not panic. For first aid, try to follow these steps.

Immediately seat the child with the head slightly forward. The goal is that your child is not choking or vomiting blood due to blood turn into the esophagus. The sitting position also makes the blood flow more slowly.

Press the base of the nose with the thumb and forefinger. If possible, use a cotton swab, clean cloth or paper towels to press his nose, so that blood does not contaminate the child’s face and hands. Do it for 1-2 minutes. Ask your child to breathe through the mouth.

If the blood does not stop, try another way. Namely, to compress the nose with ice wrapped in a towel or clean cloth. Serve ice shrink blood vessels.

If the blood does not stop, do not delay get to the doctor or the nearest hospital. Your doctor will give you a kind of tampon (from gauze pads) to stop the bleeding. Rarely used oral medication.

After the bleeding stopped, prevented this little one so as not to dig up his nostrils gorek. With increasing age, bleeding disorders generally will be reduced because the blood vessels in the mucous membranes of the nose and is getting stronger.