Criteria Mr. Wonderful, Women by Age

The age difference they desire change. It also applies to women who are looking for life partner age where its path will provide the criteria changes.

A study has revealed that when she was growing up, there are some things that they see in the search for “Mr. Right”. Some points are not only about the physical, but also the personality figure of a man they were after. Here’s the full review, as reported by the Times of India.

Age 18-24

Men are physically attractive young woman so coveted. They tend to think short and just looking for someone that they can show off in public. Not surprisingly, women at this age want to have an attractive man.

Age 25-34

Women this age begin consider long-term relationship. Typically, they will be attracted to the young man, ambitious, charming, and handsome. Sexual compatibility is also important for women at this age. As a woman who grew confident and work towards success, they may be attracted to partners who reflect these qualities.

Age 35-44

The women can be attracted to older men, stable, successful and experienced in life. Men like that offer depth of resources (both material and emotional) necessary for a woman.

Age 45-54

Changing hormones make women in this age become more assertive and experimental as well as thoughtful. The women are ready to take risks and seek out new adventures. They also do not be afraid to find someone who can satisfy her passion as well as provide security for him.

age 55

The women look for intelligence, shared values​​, and a sense of humor. They also tend to be more picky at this age in search of a partner.