Competition China Versus U.S. Weapons

Only in the past few generations, the Bamboo Curtain has now been transformed from an agrarian country into a country with the largest industrial and commercial power is very strong . China ‘s economy is now 20 times larger than 20 years ago and are now beginning to approach the economic strength of the United States is the country with the strongest economy today .

But other things that also need attention besides incredible strength economies rapidly is the fact that the Chinese government is actively today are building their military strength .

Ten years ago, the budget allocated for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army ( People’s Liberation Army ) is about 20 billion dollars . And this time , some analysts expect the military budget has almost reached 160 billion dollars .

Chinese President Hu Jintao stated that the People’s Liberation Army of China is the mission of the new historic 21st century . Of the task of maintaining the sovereignty of China into the global magnitude that army can be a true superpower .

In several instances the presence of Chinese troops can indeed go hand in hand with the U.S. military as when China joined the anti-piracy patrols in the Somali sea .

But some analysts worry if one day the two forces met in a condition with beseberangan mutual goals . Then there would be very risky for both countries alike have the best military technology today.

U.S. government officials are not just worrying magnitude of China’s military budget , but also the fact that China’s military now has the capability of military technology which is almost equal to the United States .

For example , during the U.S. argue that the F – 22 and F – 35 aircraft is a fifth – generation fighter which only the United States alone ( both aircraft types is the aircraft that has the ability of anti tracked radar , capable machines and systems the greatest flight control , and has a dedicated network computer systems ) . However , in 2011 , when the U.S. defense secretary Robert Gates to visit China , Chinese President Hu Jin Tao greet with featured performances flight J – 20 fighter plane over the city of Cheng Du ( This is just one type of anti- radar aircraft that are not kept secret , how with the others ? ) .

China is also now actively developing drones ( Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ) . Examples plane I Yilong ( Pterodactyl ) and BZK – 005 which both have the exact specifications of the Predator and Global Hawk belongs to the U.S. military . Before the two aircraft was introduced , China has also noted that the unmanned aircraft by the western dubbed as the Dark Sword . Dark Sword was first detected on the west side in 2006 ago and is expected to be able to travel without the crew away from the territory of China . And to support their fighter force , last summer the Chinese government has announced the construction of 11 new air bases along the coast of China .

In addition , if previously only the United States has the ability to send aircraft carrier full of combat-ready aircraft kesetiap corners of the earth , China is now known to have bought the aircraft carrier -sized belong to the former Soviet Union 65 thousand tons with a Travel Agent utilizing fake as corporate buyers. The aircraft carrier is now known to have been equipped with new weapons including machine and in this regard a number of surface-to- air missiles by the western dubbed Flying Leopard ( Lion Fly ) and automated air defense system . The aircraft carrier named Liao Ning is now capable of carrying 50 fighter jet unit Shen Yang J – 15 ‘Flying Shark ‘ ( Flying Shark ) . This fighter jet capable fighter jet comparable to the U.S. F- 18 .

And the development of technology for the Chinese Army , the Chinese government now also has a number of long-range missiles were coded DF – 21D . The missile can be launched from a special truck , so it can be mobilized quickly . West side called him as Carrier Killer .

In addition , in secret , China is preparing a number of known anti- detection radar destroyers , each measuring 8 thousand tons and the number of nuclear submarines and a number of ships launching amphibious vehicles .

The latest news said that China recently launched a new cruiser is 36 thousand tons named Bahai Sea Green Pearl is capable of transporting 2 thousand soldiers along with 300 combat vehicles . In China it is said that they are now ready to support the mission of the UN security forces even though they should be in the interior of Africa or South America .

Please note that until now , the military and government information systems United States and 80 % rely on GPS satellites .

Meanwhile , China is developing a number of known satellites are able to act as a micro- plane ‘ kamikaze ‘ so that they can shed any satellite that China is seen as a danger to himself by crashing the satellite into the opponent . Besides, the surface of the earth in China is developing a laser gun that can melt any satellites are considered as enemies that pass in the airspace of China .

Senior Colonel Yao Yun Zhu of the Chinese Academy of Military Science states that now the United States is not the only country with the power of a super power in space . China is preparing to ship more than 100 military and civilian satellites in this decade using spacecraft sending unmanned and reusable . The spacecraft was named Shen Long .

In the event of war ‘ Cyber ​​’ , China has also developed a system called informationized Warfare ( Armaments Information System ) . If the United States has a Cyber ​​Command , China is now number 130,000 personnel trained for war information systems .

Meanwhile , last week , the U.S. Navy has completed the placement test X – 47B aircraft aboard the Nimitz -class nuclear -powered aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman . X – 47B is an unmanned fighter jet aircraft ( Unmanned Combat Air System / UCAS ) Northrop Grumman made ​​in the United States .

The trial began on November 26, 2012. In this trial includes tests still take off and land on the aircraft carrier . This trial , among others, aims to do the testing procedures for the transport and placement of this particular aircraft on the aircraft carrier , tethering on the deck with the tractor transfer , the operator controls the direction of the position by using a pulley , and testing of digital systems in the engine area filled with electromagnetic waves .

Back to the discussion of military technology China and the United States , the two countries both have nuclear weapons . But both parties will be expected to not use it all because both sides are equally aware that the use of nuclear weapons is tantamount to suicide , given the effects of nuclear weapons is not only radiation but also destroy your opponent can hit yourself and other parties involved .

And until now, no single country in this world has enough readiness to face a nuclear war . Despite all the nuclear weapon states have also built bunkers to withstand , neither bunkers are guaranteed 100 % safe from radioactive radiation . And the bunkers will also not be able to accommodate all citizens owners of nuclear weapons .
Thus , it is a concern that the United States is a non- nuclear weapons – weapons the Chinese side .

It is currently the United States and China are bound in many trade and investment agreements . But as described earlier , there is always the possibility of the two parties may have opposing interests , and this is very risky though both the government stated that the disputes that may occur between the two countries will cause huge adverse effects for both parties so that they will always try to avoid direct confrontation .

Perhaps that’s why when several intelligence reports indicate that the Iranian spy plane RQ – 170 that crashed on the border of Iran recently turned out to be made in cooperation with a number of Chinese scientists , the U.S. government chose not to say much .

Indeed in many ways the United States need to be very careful in dealing with China . Because , in contrast to the former Soviet Union which is a combination of many communist countries are ‘ forced’ to unite in the Soviet Union consisted of many races and tribes so it is relatively easy to be divided . China since ancient times is a single country racially fairly homogeneous .

In addition , in the United States alone since the days of cowboys are a lot of people of Chinese descent are difficult to distinguish which Chinese descent where the Capitalist and Socialist . Unlike the Chinese State , where the presence of the white man is very easy on the mark .