Children Fat? Not Necessarily Health

The high level of economic, cultural change, and the development of food technology is now delivered many generations of children are obese. Actually there is a medical reason why the child should not be too fat.

Obesity has become epidemic in the world today. Quite a lot of slimming centers that started popping up everywhere. Fat for some people it still holds a symbol of prosperity. Most of the parents, especially the mother, also want their children to be obese because it looks cute and plump. In the United States itself is now grappling with the children classified as obese, because the number had reached more than half the population of children there. Most of these children instead require consulting a doctor.

Likelihood of overweight in children allegedly due to excessive consumption of junk food. Menu junk food rich in fat, sugar, salt, and very high in calories. Tongue suspected child today is conditioned with a savory flavor, sweet, salty, spicy and versatile. That’s what led them to no longer liked the food in the home menu.

Diet without the supervision of a doctor is not recommended for children who are obese. In its infancy, the child’s body should not let lack of nutrients. Diet to lose weight is not the right thing because that is reduced in the menu is not just calories, but also all the nutrients they need for growth. In addition, drugs such consumed by adults with high blood fat are also not advisable given to children. Actually, by reducing the share menu or cholesterol fatty foods, coupled with regular exercise, is expected to lower blood fat levels in the body of the child.

One way that might be done is through acupuncture to suppress appetite, while maintaining adequate nutrition in order to regulate the growth of children remain fulfilled. A child would be obese if they consume meals exceed the needs of the body. Excess calories are stored as fat under the skin. Body fat cells to be big and the number to be much more when compared with normal children.

If a baby is fed according to age and stage of development of age, a child is less likely to be obese. Familiarize children so much more moving because it can help build bone and muscle, in addition to burn excess calories obtained from food excess. The less moves, exercise, and physical activity, the greater the possibility of children becoming obese and their children’s bodies? Does not fit.

Appetite chubby kid who was already generally be increased remarkably. Therefore, children who are already obese will easily gain weight if the urge to continue eating was not arrested or restrained.

Obese children are not only caused by excessive food, but can also be as? Cases of a disease. There are several types of diseases (such as hormonal disorders, and genes) that makes the body become abnormal fat kid looks unhealthy or fat.

Fat kid fat in the blood profile shows quite high. Although it does not always have to be fat in the blood is high, but most teenagers in the developed world, his cholesterol and triglyceride levels are above normal. That is what explains why today many heart attacks or strokes appear at an earlier age, which is less than the age of 40 years.

Excess fat in the blood is now believed to also stimulate cancer in organs, like the uterus, kidney, and breast. The risk of heart disorders and diabetes is also suspected due to the higher fat in the blood.