Assessing the Ideal Koi Body

In the end, the main assessment criteria for all types of Koi is the body shape (Body Shape). Novice koi enthusiasts generally tend to be interested in the style and color pattern, but for the fan and connoisseur of the true shape of the body koi become major criteria to consider.

Anywhere in the country including Japan which is known as one of the main Koi, judgments based on body shape has always been the main reference. Although the style and diverse color patterns, keep Koi who have the ideal body shape that the main predicate, not vice versa.

Choosing a koi with ideal body shape, can be done by looking at the shape of the head, the position of the eyes, body shape, and structure of the tail. Overall factors – factors above criteria dominate the ideal body shape.

Head shape
The head should look balanced between long and wide with a rounded shape and a beautiful mouth. Koi whose head looks flat tipped Koi is an indication that not well developed. The most popular and most requested is the head that looks like a Koi has the cheek cuby with perfectly round head like a toddler.

Koi is called a “OTAFUKA” which roughly means “baby-face” koi.

Eye position
The position of the eyes should be symmetrical to the shape of the head. In some bloodlines there eyes lies a little to the top and there is also a slightly forward or backward. Choosing the best eye position really is individual taste – each fan. Which is a bad point is when the eyes stand out and tend to get out of your head or that so-called “pop eyes”. Shape of the eye as it indicates that once Koi bacterial infection, injured or affected by poor water quality.

The ideal is a balanced body shape, compact look sturdy at the same time. Robustness visible sign of a little “redneck” in the back is not too large, soft and beautiful curved along the ribs, which express elegance and beauty.

At Koi measuring more than 60 cm, the back of the head look wider while the smaller koi (40cm) usually head looks bigger than his body. Koi females generally look more graceful. Body well balanced, sturdy, healthy is the perfect blend should have Koi.

The structure of the tail
In addition to body shape, the structure of the base of the tail (Ozutsu) is a sign – another sign for Koi solid and potentially thrive. Koi with a hefty ozutsu is attractive and has potential to grow and develop jumbo sized.

Special to tosai and Nisai Koi, there are two other signs that can be used to predict the potential for growth. The head and back are proportionally larger than the base structure of the body and tail, solid is a sign – a sign of a potentially significant for jumbo koi.