Aroma Revenge on Game King Fighter III

After successfully issued two series of arcade action games are quite popular, King Fighter and King Fighter II, Letang (game developer from China) again presents a series of three, King Fighter III. So what game? The following reviews.

In this game, you will play as A-Long to be terminating its length off faster because it gets the mission to dismantle drug trafficking networks. Unfortunately during the arrest he was exposed to the drug kingpin devious traps and had to give him a blast of a package of suspected drugs.

Unexpected event gave him a strange power that can turn them into more powerful in a “berserk”. So that makes scents revenge as well as to complete his mission hotter. Not only there alone, in his second attempt, the A-Long this time accompanied by a gorgeous partner who also has saved the first mission.

Just like the arcade game from another Letang, King Fighter control system has 4 movement buttons (d-pad) and hit the button to remove the deadly tactics owned. Unfortunately the concept of virtual d-pad is a little disappointing enough, which sometimes unresponsive while pressing repeatedly. This certainly is a frustrating perform each movement especially when aligning the characters at the enemy to hit them. We were also not given the defense motion, just to avoid any attack.

However, these shortcomings can be covered from the gameplay. In each chapter presents a lot of battles with moves punches and powerful kicks of the main character. In addition, we can issue a variety of combo just by pressing a button and getting more powerful again while in berserk condition, any attack would be deadly, though still vulnerable to enemy attack.

game modes are offered in King Fighter III not only fixated on spending every chapter alone, here we can also choose the challenge of timing mode or endless mode. Where in this mode we can play a challenging time or how strongly we sustain life possessed. It became one of the value added in this game.

Overall, King of Fighters III included in the category of games are quite fun, especially with treats combat adventure with many performances in martial arts skills.