Optimal Growth for Small Si Age 7 Months

Today he still likes to turn around from your back to your stomach, to train the twist between the hips and shoulders.

He also loves to lay down and play both legs, even occasionally enter toes into his mouth. While doing this, he actually was training her hips and fingers to be able to hold properly.

Occasionally hold both armpits and help your child do the bobbing motion that makes it fun as well as train movement and bend legs tighten.

Ability to hold it in this month progresses, so he rarely dropped items he was holding. He likes to fondle and flipping the toy he liked and immediately take it back if it falls.

You will get excited to hear ‘chatter’ that pitch up and down with unclear language.
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Smart Select Type Dog As Pets

You are interested in having a pet dog? Before determining the type of dog, many things must be considered and taken into account. Make careful planning when buying a dog.

Do not let you bring home a puppy that small and friendly but once you are planning to buy a big guard dog houses and aggressive. And the average age of dogs between 12-15 years requiring long-term commitment.

Some things should be taken into consider in choosing a pet dog types are:

Adjust the size of the dog with a home

Note the size of your home in choosing the type of dog that will be maintained. If the house is large enough and the yard no problem selecting a large dog because dogs need enough room to move around.

But if you do not have a large house but still want to maintain a large breed dog, you have to sacrifice time and energy for your big dog walk outside the house.
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If Little Rashes

Itching causes impaired activities of your child. Recognize, object or substance what is causing the problem.

Itchy and scaly rashes, even inflamed, can occur when skin contact with objects or particular substances. Inflammation of the skin is called contact dermatitis. The rash is usually only on the skin in certain areas. But, it could spread if the cause products such as soap. Symptoms of contact dermatitis, may appear a few days after contact. A very itchy skin, rash scaly and inflamed, sometimes to blister and watery.

Some objects or substances may cause irritation to the skin. Among other plastics, rubber, synthetic substances, perfume or cosmetic substances, nickel in jewelry, some dust particles, pet of fleas, mites, pollen and others. Inflammation of the skin caused by the substance, can be in two ways, irritation and allergic reactions. Continue reading “If Little Rashes”

Actually a lot of Congenital Birth Defects Can Be Prevented

All parents naturally want to have healthy children who were born with, but can occur where a child born to bring a birth defect. Although at the time of pregnancy, the mother had tried to do the best for her pregnancy, but there is no guarantee that the baby will be born to have perfect health. Congenital birth defects more than a lot of people, and many of them are actually preventable.

According to the National Birth Defects Prevention Network (NBDPN), in the United States one of 33 babies born with congenital defects. 2,200 babies are born with neural tube defects each year. Until now, the majority of congenital birth defects is still a mystery to the experts, although genetic factors play an important role as well. But this does not mean, there’s nothing we can do at all. There are some simple steps that can be taken to prevent such things, that taking folic acid and avoiding alcohol during pregnancy.

January is in the United States, designated as a national month of birth defect prevention by NBDPN. Anything that can be recommended? A woman is recommended to take folic acid at least one month before the plan to become pregnant. So drunk long before pregnancy. Folic acid, a B group of vitamins that are essential for normal cell growth. The risk of folic acid deficiency causes neural tube defects, including spina bifida, causes paralysis and anensefalus child is a situation where most of the brain and skull bones do not form.
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Stimulate Children Creativity since Small

Do not give too many restrictions to your baby, so that he can freely satisfy their curiosity and exploration.
Do not always help him when he wanted to do something. For example, when he wants you to help open a bottle of milk, demonstrated how your way and give it a spirit to try to do so.
One way to stimulate the creativity of children is to give toys to stimulate active. For example, a simple puzzle with large beams for children 7-8 months.
Create a comfortable environment, fun and carefree for him so that he has ample opportunity to experience the positive learning process.
classical music before bed or take her while playing rhythm clapping accompaniment tracks.
Appreciate any progress. And give a sincere compliment in accordance with its business, not just the kind of small talk ‘Good!’ or “Great!” Praise be pushing it right to continue to try different things.
Choosing Toys that Evocative Creativity
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Schedule Eat Children 0 to 12 Months

Breast milk or breast milk is the best food and enough to meet the needs of the baby for 3 to 4 months. After that, gradually the baby should be given complementary foods, such as fruit juice or fresh fruit. Then given mashed food and food finally lembik.

How to give complementary foods:

Infant feeding should be started with little by little and in diluted form, then more and more and more and more viscous.
Food should be given when your child is hungry.
Do not introduce some baby food at once in a short time. Should be introduced one at a time until the child can truly accept and love the food, for example within 2 weeks.
Do not give food by force, under compulsion can lead to impaired appetite and induce anorexia at a later date.
Infant Feeding Schedule
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Assessing the Ideal Koi Body

In the end, the main assessment criteria for all types of Koi is the body shape (Body Shape). Novice koi enthusiasts generally tend to be interested in the style and color pattern, but for the fan and connoisseur of the true shape of the body koi become major criteria to consider.

Anywhere in the country including Japan which is known as one of the main Koi, judgments based on body shape has always been the main reference. Although the style and diverse color patterns, keep Koi who have the ideal body shape that the main predicate, not vice versa.

Choosing a koi with ideal body shape, can be done by looking at the shape of the head, the position of the eyes, body shape, and structure of the tail. Overall factors – factors above criteria dominate the ideal body shape.

Head shape
The head should look balanced between long and wide with a rounded shape and a beautiful mouth. Koi whose head looks flat tipped Koi is an indication that not well developed. The most popular and most requested is the head that looks like a Koi has the cheek cuby with perfectly round head like a toddler. Continue reading “Assessing the Ideal Koi Body”

Dot Can Stop breastfeeding

A study published in the journal Pediatrics concluded that babies who are given pacifiers and formula milk within a few days after birth had a 50% higher likelihood for is no longer exclusively breastfed one month later.

According to researchers from the University of Rochester, New York, is still unclear the reason why it happened. Is it because of the baby having nipple confusion? pacifiers and bottles due or because the mother of the babies has decreased in the amount of breast milk.

Among babies who need formula there are also differences between those who drink through bottles and glasses. Apparently, being fed through a glass less likely to quit are breastfed. This may be because milk bottles could provide a better formula so that the babies were being fed.

Dot it can cause many problems. Prolonged pacifier use was suspected to cause disruption in the growth and development of normal teeth. In addition, the incidence of ear infections also appeared to increase.
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At the birth of Baby Eyes

Have you ever thought what felt your baby when you’re giving birth? Your body undergoes many changes before and during the process of the birth, as well as your baby. Along with her displacement from the womb to the outside world, the majority of his system work, while others do not. Here are the things experienced by the baby during the birth process.

All pregnant women wonder-often with a grimace how babies weighing 3 ½, 4, or even 4 and a half pounds to get out of the vaginal opening is so small. And, connecting the parts are soft pliable enough so that the baby’s head to pass through the birth canal heads of babies born vaginally slightly changed form during the birth process directly, but the form of the head of the so-called “Panjul” it will be back to normal in a few days.

Birth process produces mechanical and physiological changes that help prepare your baby’s first breath of air. In the womb, oxygen is delivered to the baby through the placenta. But, when the baby is born and the umbilical cord is cut, the placenta can no longer perform its function, so that the lungs take over. In the womb, the fetus’s lungs filled with fluid that helped mature. Parturition drain fluid so that the lungs can expand and fill with air after birth. Continue reading “At the birth of Baby Eyes”

Recognize Tips & Importance of Authenticity for Aromatherapy Essential Oils

The use of aromatherapy oils at home can help you and your entire family improve the quality of life. Start of mind is more relaxed, more calm feeling to improve morale and energy to move.

Note however, these benefits can only be obtained if the essential oil is used made from 100 percent natural. Many products that claim is made from natural ingredients, but in fact also contain chemicals or synthetic. There is a synthetic element certainly can reduce the effects of aromatherapy, no effect at all in fact be harmful to the body.

For that, you must be smart when purchasing aromatherapy oils on the market. Buy in places you trust. For example, shop organic, herbal-based health clinics or leading beauty stores. If still in doubt, aromatherapy practitioner Zoraya Evita gave some tips to identify the characteristics of the original essential oils. Here’s some of them:

1. See bottle packaging. Pure essential oils are generally dark-colored bottle and concentrated. Also comes with a dropper applicator. Continue reading “Recognize Tips & Importance of Authenticity for Aromatherapy Essential Oils”